Wake Up an Hour Earlier and Spend Your Time Doing These 3 Things

The early bird catches the worm. But for night owls and late-risers, waking up early can be a struggle. Still, there are plenty of reasons to trade-in your snooze-button in exchange for a bit of self-care. Keep reading to learn why you should wake up an hour earlier and spend your time doing these three things:

1. Stretch

While you are asleep, your muscles are dormant and your body can become stiff. After lying in the same place for such a long time, the best thing you can do is wake your body up with an early morning stretch. Gently getting your body moving increases blood flow, stimulating your brain and soothing tight muscles. Stretching also leads to increased energy and confidence levels throughout the day. Here are a few stretches to try:

2. Read

Pick up a book that will inspire you. Study literature that will educate you. Read a blog that will calm you. It really doesn’t matter which type of text you consume, just be consistent about establishing the habit. Not only does daily reading ward off brain symptoms that are linked to dementia, it also reduces stress levels and feelings of depression. 

Start your morning with a fiction book if you want to spark your imagination. If you are in need of motivation, pick up the latest self-help book by your favorite author. Whatever tone you want to set for the day, you’re bound to find a book that will meet your needs.

3. Write

Writing is cathartic. Through journaling, your writing can be reflective, vulnerable, and healing. Through list-making, writing will help you prepare for your day, organize your thoughts, or clear your mind. When you wake up, consider writing in a gratitude journal, or jotting down a prioritized to-do list to kickstart your morning. You can even use writing as a creative outlet by starting a blog centered around a passion-project, or by writing a novel. Nothing you write has to be shared with others. The goal is simply to put your thoughts on paper. Doing so can help increase your focus, boost your memory, and lower feelings of anxiety. All of which will lead to a more productive day. 

Stretching, reading, and writing are three amazing ways to start your day on the right foot. With as little as an extra hour morning, you can create long-term results that will improve your life. So grab your phone, change your alarm, and enjoy the rewards!

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