Time Management?

Ask yourself the question, “can I really manage time”? Throughout my career and my life I have come to the conclusion that time is not something that can be managed. Time is continuous, it keeps on going and going and has since the beginning of time. In our day to day lives we realize we don’t need to manage something that is so vast and continuous; we are ultimately managing daily tasks and events. They can be meaningful, productive uses of our time or unproductive. Our time is filled with family and work and other social events However, our empty spaces in our calendar quickly become filled with TV, social media, video games, and sleeping. I have found it is imperative to manage your priorities.

Our most valuable asset is the time that is continually slipping away from us. When we manage our priorities in order to maximize the time we have, it is so important that we do the things that are the most important to us first so that we can make every day a masterpiece. There is one thing that truly separates someone who is successful at one thing and someone who leads a truly successful life. That one thing you ask is a fierce dedication to success principals.

There’s no doubt that people are successful in sports, the arts, academia and business and so many other fields. But have you ever stopped to ask someone, “what’s your secret to success?” They’ll tell me, “Ed, it started with a dream. But it took discipline, and hard work. I developed passion and persistence. And requires a no quit mentality and attitude.” Some might have successful careers in one respect, but not have the fruit on the tree. They are only successful in one area of your life. True success is to have success in all areas. Successful relationships with your spouse, children, and spiritually. We have all met people that are rich but they don’t have good relationships with their children. We have seen greatness on the football field but when you dig deeper you find a bad marriage, a successful businessman with poor health and so on and so on.

It is confusing at times when you see people with great success in one area of their life but not in the other areas. If you could ask those people why that is they will tell you” they don’t know”. True success is progressively winning in the major areas in your life at the same time, maybe not at the same level but at the same time. Every day you get a little bit better in your finances, your health, your marriage ,your spiritual life . Every day there is a little growth. That will empower you to go on to higher levels of success in your life. If you have tremendous success in one area of your life only ,but you are failing in other areas, deep down you won’t feel like a real success. Those other areas in your life that you are failing at will steal the joy from the success you have overachieved in one area.

So, what is the secret? From my experience of being around high-level achievers with success in all the major areas in their lives the one common denominator is that they prioritize their time . They prioritize quality time with their spouse, children and their field they are in. They read and grow and are continually learning. Most people try to manage their time. However, by definition “In order to manage something you have to be able to handle it, alter it or direct it for a particular purpose ”. If this is the case one must really consider the following questions: can you handle time? Can you direct time? No! Can you slow time down or speed time up? No! We cannot! I encourage you to think about why then are we calling it time management. The concept does not even exist.

The only thing you can manage are the events that you carry out during the time you are trying to manage. It is called “Event management.” Everything you do with your time is an event but the question is, is the event a “present based” or “future based” event? If you let yourself get involved doing the present based events in your life first you will fail. If you want to live a successful life ,focus on the future based events in your life first and you will see incredible results .

Before you are quick to follow someone in a particular field, take the time to think about why you are following or learning from them. Are they successful in one area of their life or all areas of life. Do they have the fruit on the tree? Do they have the habits that you would consider successful? Let’s take the time to develop success in all areas of life and to master event management. Go out and create those daily successful habits in all areas of your life.

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