Ed and Elise Vicinanza Gallery

Ed Vicinanza and his beautiful wife Elise are passionate about empowering others in business and personal relationships. As successful entrepreneurs, the Vicinanza’s have traveled the world as keynote speakers to share their story of hope and financial freedom. Here’s a peek inside their journey.

Ed Vicinanza is a successful entrepreneur, lifestyle coach and keynote speaker.  Vicinanza came from humble beginnings in the bronx and has achieved success beyond his wildest dreams. Raised by hard working parents in the family business, Ed Vicinanza learned the value of hard work and working for yourself. The breakthrough came when he met mentors who guided his unbridled passion and perseverance with a plan.

Ed Vicinanza now travels the globe with his beautiful wife Elise for speaking engagements to help others discover the American dream. Together as one, Ed and Elise Vicinanza along with their children, are passionate about living a legacy and helping others achieve their dreams.