3 Useful Ways to Get Feedback From Your Clients

The crux of every successful business is knowing your customers’ needs and effectively meeting them. But in order to gain new business and ensure that prior patrons become repeat purchasers, you must first consider how people feel about your establishment. This essential data stems from one invaluable tool – customer feedback. The only tricky part is finding the most efficient methods to obtain it. However, you’re in luck. Here are three useful ways to gather client feedback. 

1. Incentivised Feedback

Most people only feel motivated to offer feedback if they’ve had an experience that is either extremely good or extremely bad. But for many businesses, experiences like these don’t make up the majority of interactions. Consequently, it’s helpful to incentivize the middle. Here are a few options:

In exchange for a completed survey, offer: 

  • A coupon for future use
  • A raffle entry
  • A free gift
  • A charity donation in the customer’s name

For more information on survey incentives and their effectiveness, click here.

2. Pay Attention to Social Media/Review Sites

The second way to get client feedback is to pay attention to social media. In modern times, many people voice their opinions on various internet platforms. By keeping an ear to the ground, you can obtain unfiltered feedback about your company’s successes and opportunities for growth. As an added bonus, you can even respond publicly to customers to offer gratitude, or extend an apology for negative interactions. To find online reviews, type your company’s name into the search bar of: 

  • Google Maps Reviews
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Trip Advisor

3. Be Transparent and Ask Informally

The last and most effective way to get authentic feedback is to ask informally. When working face-to-face with a client, take a few minutes toward the end of your conversation to be transparent. Share that you are eager to provide the best customer service possible and would love to hear honest feedback about their experience. Ask if there are any areas where your company can improve and whether they experienced any positives that may motivate them to return. Be sure to approach the conversation humbly and ready to receive unfiltered feedback. If you hear less than favorable news, do your best to remedy the situation at the moment and reassure your client that you will work toward a solution promptly.

Happy customers are what make businesses thrive. Whether you are providing an incentive, scouring online, or making a candid inquiry, these three strategies will help you get the feedback you need in order to improve client satisfaction. Although it may take a bit of creativity and hard work to gather the feedback you need, the return on your time or monetary investment will be more than worth it.

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